Starting Your Journey Into Filmmaking

With the advent of Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube filmmaking is undergoing a seismic shift, similar to the golden era of Hollywood more than a century ago. But the film industry is not all about actors, directors and producers. There are a myriad industries and trades working collaboratively to bring a film to the screen or TV.

So you want to be in the film industry? Don’t necessarily look to the obvious routes – camera operator, director or even actor. There’s a wealth of other interesting careers on offer such as; Prop masters, Carpenters, Electricians, Accountant and of course, CGI & render artists. Look at all the career options that are available.

Once you are in network offer to help and work your way up the ladder. You may find that being a HOD (Head Of Department) is far more rewarding than being an unemployed director.

  • Make Your Own Films – You will learn so much from making your own films and don’t be worried about mistakes, that’s one of the best ways to learn.
  • Work with like-minded individuals as part of a team – Film is a very collaborative process so get a group of like-minded friends together so that you can make films and share the duties !
  • Work on other people’s films. Even if it’s as a runner, you will learn more and more importantly make connections.
  • Meet other filmmakers. The film industry is all about connections so try to get out there to film festivals, screening events, enrol on Film Courses and join a film group.
  • Learn your trade. If you know what part of filmmaking you want to pursue go for it. Read every book, watch every YouTube tutorial, take Classes, and more importantly start developing your skills on your films and other people’s projects.
  • Get your films seen. The internet is a great place to showcase your short films and build an audience. Whatever job you go for in the industry having finished work online shows your commitment as well as your skill.
  • Make contacts and make an impression. Your reputation is everything in the industry; so many jobs are through word of mouth. Build yourself a good reputation and you will be the one they recommend for the next job

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